Presidium of Inatsisartut


Elly Hauge Pedersen
+299 34 53 54


Ole Heinrich
+299 34 61 36

The Presidium of Inatsisartut is composed of a President and four Vice Presidents elected by Inatsisartut, the Parliament of Greenland. The President discharges the duties of the office of the Presidium as a full-time position. The Presidium of Inatsisartut discharges a large number of duties of office to ensure the expedience of the working conditions for the Parliament of Greenland and its Members, and the interactions between the Parliament and the Government of Greenland. The Presidium also serves as the public representative of the Parliament of Greenland and is responsible for efficient communication of information about the Parliament and the results of its work to the public. Finally, the Presidium is responsible for archival of Parliamentary records and documents.


The office of the Presidium is governed in the main by the Act on Greenland Self-Government, the Act on Remuneration of Members of Parliament etc. and the Rules of Procedure for the Parliament of Greenland. As an integral element in this role, the Presidium is mandated to consider, at its own initiative, any matter of principle pertinent to Members of the Parliament of Greenland and the Government of Greenland. The responsibilities and domains of the Presidium demand committed efforts year-round, although its task load and activities are most visibly concentrated on the periods during and surrounding Parliamentary Sessions.