The Scrutiny of Eligibility Committee

Committee Secretary

Elly Hauge Pedersen
+299 34 53 54


Ole Heinrich
+299 34 61 36

The Scrutiny of Eligibility Committee is appointed in accordance with Section 7(1) of the Rules of Procedure at the First Session of Parliament and at the start of the Parliamentary Year.


The Committee submits its recommendation to Parliament concerning any matter of reputation that would render a member unworthy of membership of Parliament and the Government of Greenland; see Sections 2 and 6(1-2) of the Rules of Procedure for the Parliament of Greenland.


Furthermore, questions are put to the Committee for its deliberation in accordance with Section 25 of the Act on Greenland Self-Government concerning positions of trust and other positions within public-sector or private-sector enterprises which the President of Inatsisartut, the Prime Minister of Greenland and Government Ministers might have applied to retain.