About the Nordic Council


The Nordic Council comprises a Plenary, a Presidium and committees. The Nordic Council has a total of 87 members. The Plenary is composed of a delegation from each of the five Member States. The Delegation of the Kingdom of Denmark consists of 20 members of parliament: 16 from the Danish Parliament, two from the Faroese Parliament and two from the Parliament of Greenland. The Nordic Council holds its Ordinary Session in the autumn.


Main Objectives of the Nordic Council

The foremost ambition of the Nordic Council's ministers is for the Nordic Region to be good to reside, live and work in. This is also the primary objective behind the proposals and recommendations for cooperation arising within the Nordic Council.


Greenlandic representation

The Parliament of Greenland appoints two of its members and two substitutes annually to represent Greenland on the Nordic Council. Greenland is thus represented at the Nordic Council's Plenary with full voting rights and in the ongoing committee work and party-political cooperation.